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Oleage is the evolution of water-based creams into a range of lines meeting all the aesthetic requirements of people seeking an innovative, effective, natural and also waterless cosmetic product. 

Classic Waterless Line

Oleage Classic Line face cream was the first to be created in our laboratory, tested by a team of professionals and subsequently patented with a concentrated formula and protected production process. Made exclusively from natural ingredients like oils, essential oils, waxes and butters. Being waterless, it needs no chemical preservatives in order to work optimally.

Its high content of ceramides and fatty acids strengthens and protects the hydrolipidic film and makes the cream especially oily, restorative and suitable both for combating dry skin and preserving the microbiome. Acting mainly on the surface, it is especially recommended for the following skin types:

Natural Biotech Waterless Line

Biotechnological innovation blended with natural tradition: Oleage Natural BioTech Line face cream is the second to be created in our laboratory, taking features and components found in the Classic line and evolving and enriching them to make them suitable for any skin type. Being waterless, it has a 100% concentration, meaning a small quantity has a long-lasting effect.

  Also designed for young skin and bioengineered using liposomal hyaluronic acid, offering greater hydration than any other type of cream. Thanks to this new technology:

H2Oleage Water-based Line

ICEA certified and complementary to our Classic and Natural BioTech formula, the H2Oleage brand’s organic line - a line of classic products containing water - is created especially for younger skin. Totally free from artificial preservatives, petroleum derivatives, mineral oil and lanolin, it is made from natural components combined with organic extract of mullein, a Mediterranean plant used in herbal treatments which gives the skin exceptional bioluminescence. Recommended for younger, fresh and sensitive skin such as adolescent skin not requiring extra hydration to restore its hydrolipidic film. It is also the ideal product for people who prefer to avoid creams with an oily texture.

Despite not containing sunscreen, it absorbs harmful UV rays and reduces free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays by up to 60%. It also has a softening, protective, refreshing and hydrating effect thanks to its content of:

Oleage. The evolution of cosmetics is natural 

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