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Your face is like a garden that needs to be cared for every day... cultivate your natural beauty with Oleage products.

Like nurtures like

Oleage is fruit of the desire to create entirely water-free face creams made from skin-compatible natural ingredients like oils, essential oils, waxes and butters, bringing a unique eco-friendly alternative to the cosmetics market.

Our lines

Classic Waterless Line

Oleage Classic line waterless face cream was the first to be created in our laboratory, tested by a team of professionals and subsequently patented with a concentrated formula and protected production process.

Linea Natural Biotech

Biotechnological innovation blended with natural tradition: Oleage Natural BioTech line face cream is the second to be created in our laboratory, taking features and components found in the Classic line and evolving and enriching them with liposomal hyaluronic acid for increased hydration.

H2Oleage Line 

Traditional cosmetic line (contains water)

ICEA certified and complementary to our Classic and Natural BioTech formula, the Organic Line from the H2Oleage brand is suitable for younger skin, with a 20%-30% concentration of active ingredients and an allergen-free fragrance. 

Oleage and the evolution of natural cosmetics 

About us

At Oleage, we believe that preserving the skin’s natural beauty begins with the Earth’s most authentic elements: everything Mother Earth offers us is an opportunity to take care of one another while respecting the well-being of people and the environment.

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